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Company Profile

Founded in 2003, more than 20 years of experience in production of the pumps.
Cover working area of 22000 square meters, have more than 200 employees.
A strong production team and a group of professional engineers.
ERP and MES of scientific management and strict quality guarantee system.
Production Capacity:
5000 pcs/month.
Marketing Network:
America, Europe,Asia. Africa, etc.

The stainless steel multi-stage pump produced by our company breaks through the traditional concept of pump making, and is a newly developed green, environment-friendly and energy-saving product. Its biggest advantage is that it adopts advanced hydraulic model design and has the advantages of high efficiency, high energy saving, etc. Impeller, pump casing and its internal main accessories are formed by stainless steel stamping, with smooth flow passage, which is more conducive to avoid secondary pollution; It can replace similar products imported from abroad.


Adhering to the business tenet of "technology is the power, management is the foundation, quality is the life, and reputation is the foundation", the company will provide users with high-quality, high-performance multi-stage pump products for a long time!